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About Nate

As a former private wealth manager and pastor/church planter, I have worked with and helped hundreds of families to reach their financial goals with proven financial processes and strategies.  These tools and experiences have taught me how to give people the confidence they are looking for to know where they are (financially speaking), what gaps they have in their plans, and how to get where they want to go. 

Using the tools and techniques that I learned as a private wealth manager, I now focus my attention on helping people manage and steward money as a Christian Financial Coach.  My goal is to help Christian families connect their Faith and Finances with online and one-on-one financial coaching with a biblical, Christ-centered approach.

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If God has spoken about money and wealth management more than ANY OTHER topic in the Bible, then why are Christian families struggling with it so much today? 

There are many possible answers, but 2 that come up over and over again:

1. They don't feel like they KNOW ENOUGH about money or what, exactly, to do with it.

2. They don't feel like they have ENOUGH DISCIPLINE to stick with and do the things they know they should do. 

Maybe you can relate!

There is a major disconnect today between our Faith and our Finances.

We must begin, then, to address the core problem that is causing this and then we can begin to do a better job at re-connecting what we SAY with what we DO when it comes to money and Christian stewardship.

As we all know, there is a lot more at stake than just feeling financially stuck or pressured.  Marriages and families are being affected.  Kingdom causes are being underfunded and Lasting Legacies are not being passed on to the next generation.

But we can change this. 

There is hope and there is help.

It all starts here!


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