Our B.O.G.O./Pay-it-Forward Program


Buy one - give one

As Christians, we have been given everything that we have by a generous, loving God.

So when we give back to others, we are merely imitating Him and how He is to us.

We are excited, as a part of our Pay-it-Forward Program,  to let you share in the blessing like this.

Here's how it works:

Whichever coaching program you buy - our Online Program or our One-on-One Program - allows you to have the opportunity to give away - absolutely FREE, no strings attached - our Online Program (a $197 value!) to anyone you choose.

Not only will our coaching programs bless you, but you get to be a blessing in return!

After check-out, you will receive information about how to Pay-it-Forward.  It's easy to do and so much fun to give!