5 Ways to be Generous (Without using money!)

5 Ways to be Generous (Without using money!)

There have been so many times that I have thought, "Gosh, I would REALLY love to help out here.  But I just don't have any money to give right now!"

There isn't much you can do when you don't have money, right?

Well, actually, maybe there is.

Here are 5 ways that you can practice generosity in meaningful ways - without spending a dime!

Buy a BOGO

Everyone knows what a BOGO is, right?

It typically means "Buy One Get One".  (I say "typically" because in my company it stands for "Buy One GIVE One" - click here to see how we do this and try to practice generosity with every coaching program we sell.)

For the most part, when we buy a BOGO, we are looking to use it to get more for ourselves.

But what if you purposefully looked at shopping for BOGO deals in order to GIVE AWAY the item you got for free?  How fun would that be!  (The answer:  Super fun!)

This is an outside-the-box way that you can do to get a great deal and practice generosity with a freebie.  (By the way, I know I told you that you don't have to spend a dime.  In this case, you didn't - not on the free item, anyway.)

Share your Smile

The other day I was at the Secretary of State with my family.  Guess what I didn't see a whole lot of?


Honestly, it is not an environment where it would call for a lot of them.  But guess what's so great about that?  

It means that when you share your smile and practice generosity with those who need one - that it really stands out!

If you see someone today without a smile, share yours!  It's free and super generous.


Start at Home

Sometimes it seems that it is so much easier to practice being "Christian" or generous with those outside of our home.  But it really shouldn't be this way, should it?

In fact, the Bible says that if you don't take care of those within your family or faith family first, that you're worse than those who don't even acknowledge or know God!


It's true though.  Practice generosity in the home first.  It's way harder but more important than doing it even outside of the home.  This is the place where daily devotion to God's principles take shape and spill out into the rest of your lives.  So don't neglect your generosity to those closest to you.

Pay it Forward

One of the ways that our family has really enjoyed the practice of generosity is when we're out to dinner.

We play a little game of, "Find a family to surprise."

We simply look around the room (and try to not make it obvious - which is tricky with young kids!) and find a family that we all would love to bless.

Then we call the waiter/waitress over and ask her to secretly give us their bill.  

It's so much fun and our girls love the joy of giving to a family and not having them know it was us who blessed them.

Give an Offering

As Christians, we know we should tithe (you do know that, don't you?).  But did you know that God also talks to us about something called an Offering?

It's true.  The offering is different from the tithe.  

It is a free-will offering of money that is above and beyond what we set aside as a tithe.  The tithe (typically) goes to your local church to help support the work that God is doing there.

The offering, however, is so much fun because it is a God-lead giving that you ask Him about.  We simply set aside a specific percentage of our income above our tithe and then use that money to ask God where He wants it to go.

Honestly, it is SO MUCH FUN to create this account and be able to be generous and give when needs arise.  I highly recommend it!

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