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This might be why you're not more successful in your faith and financial life.

faithful success May 07, 2018


The pinnacle. 

The goal. 

The mountaintop.

But...What does it look like when you get there?

Maybe more importantly, how do you know?

Those are the questions that men and women of faith must learn to ask first.

But before I reveal the answer(s), let's look at what happens when we don't ask these questions or when we lose sight of them along the way.

The Path to Success

I read an article recently from MarketWatch that posted in January 2018, titled: This is what success looks like to the average American.  I was intrigued.

They asked a great question:

"What does "making it" mean to you?  A sweet new car?  A gratifying job?  A house in the 'burbs filled with a spouse, a dog and a couple of kids?  Or how about just a hammock and enough free time to enjoy it?"

What was the conclusion?  Read it for yourself and see if you'd agree with the more than 2,000 people polled.

"...people seem to want the same general things:  More money,...

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Why faith matters in your financial life

Faith is often thought of in purely religious terms.  But it is much broader than that. 

In fact, every day, we express faith in a variety of ways that are not even consciously considered.

For example, we have faith that when we put the key in our car and turn it to the right that the car will start right up. 

We have faith that when we fly in an airplane that we will soar through the air and defy the laws of gravity and land safely at our destination.

As children, we have faith that our parents will provide for us even though we really don’t understand how all of that works.

This, then, is the key element of faith:  confidence in something that we don’t fully understand but we believe to be true.

Faith and Finances

When it comes to our financial lives, we must operate with a greater level of faith if want to win and succeed. 

We must grow in our confidence that it is possible and it is true that God can change us and provide for us even though...

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