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This lie can hurt you more than most (with video)

faith fear lies Apr 30, 2018

Have you ever been lied to?

Had your confidence stolen unexpectedly?

Felt like the rug was pulled out from under your feet?

There are few emotions as powerful as that of being lied to.

Today, I want to share with you one of the biggest lies that threatens to destroy all that is good in your life.

Not only is this lie damaging in your financial life, but it seeks to destroy all that God is doing in every other area as well.

That lie (or maybe we should say "liar"), is FEAR.


In my experience as a former financial advisor, fear was at the forefront of much of what I dealt with.

  • "What if the markets crash?"
  • "What if Social Security runs out?"
  • "What if health care costs eat away at my pension?"
  • "What if.... (fill in your own fear here)????"

We (financial advisors) would always talk about the importance of combating the two most heinous emotional destroyers of wealth management - Fear and Greed.

It still holds true today.

But for Christians, fear has the...

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Why faith matters in your financial life

Faith is often thought of in purely religious terms.  But it is much broader than that. 

In fact, every day, we express faith in a variety of ways that are not even consciously considered.

For example, we have faith that when we put the key in our car and turn it to the right that the car will start right up. 

We have faith that when we fly in an airplane that we will soar through the air and defy the laws of gravity and land safely at our destination.

As children, we have faith that our parents will provide for us even though we really don’t understand how all of that works.

This, then, is the key element of faith:  confidence in something that we don’t fully understand but we believe to be true.

Faith and Finances

When it comes to our financial lives, we must operate with a greater level of faith if want to win and succeed. 

We must grow in our confidence that it is possible and it is true that God can change us and provide for us even though...

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The importance of sharing your financial story with others.

You have a story to tell about your financial journey and it matters.  Do you know what it is?  Do you know how to tell it?  Do you know how to tell it in a way that makes people care?  It’s important that you do.


Because when it comes to money, we need Christians to share their stories about where they've been where they are and where God is leading them.

You’ve probably heard this analogy:  You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.  (who knew horse analogies would still work so well in a non-agrarian culture!)

Although I have no experience with horses, I can understand this analogy and I bet you can too.  It means that horses are stubborn and they only drink when they want to.  Right? 

Kind of.

The idea is that people (like horses) can be lead where you want them to go.  But you can’t make them do what you want them to do by force.  You have to learn how to encourage them to...

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