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What the heck is "Radical Margin"? (and why you should embrace it)

margin radical margin May 14, 2018

The term "Radical Margin" is something that I came across from an online mentor of mine named Michael Hyatt.  (If you don't know who he is check out his stuff- great human and helps entrepreneurs like me with online coaching).

Here is one of the quotes from him that made me want to share some of these ideas with you today.  

 “(I want to help you be) truly living the next 12 months, and not merely reliving the same year over again!”

Think about that.

"Truly living"

"Not merely reliving the same year"

How does that strike you?

I know for me, it hits me hard.

The longer I live, the more I realize how much time I waste.  I realize that I rush through life and miss out on truly living most of my days in a meaningful way.

How about you?

  • How many days would you say you are "truly alive"? 
  • How often do you recognize how fleeting this life is and focus in on what lasts forever?
  • How are you doing at making the most of the life you've been given?

This is why we must address this issue of MARGIN and understand why it's so important to embrace it more fully in our lives.

Radical Margin

Radical can be defined or described as something that is, "extreme, far-reaching, exhaustive, comprehensive, or profound".

Margin, by definition, is "to provide an edge or a border".

When put together, we see that "radical margin" in our lives could be described as "extreme, far-reaching and profound borders".

But why?  What does it matter?

(I'm glad you asked!)

As a Christian Financial Coach, we are constantly talking to people about what it means to be successful.  But for us, the answers are not based on what the world around us says, but on what God says (and will say when it's all been said and done).

To followers of Jesus, this is the driving motivator for all change.  We are not simply trying to create margin in our life or financial abundance in our lives, or seeking to have great marriages and families for no particular reason.

Get focused and learn how to create Radical Margin with a Christian Financial Coach.  Learn more here.

Quite the opposite, in fact!  Instead of just wandering through life and drifting through it aimlessly, we are called to live intentional and purposeful lives that reflect who God is and what He is like and, ultimately, bring glory to Him.

How, then, can we remain focused and vigilant on this great purpose for living in a world so full of distractions?

Radical. Margin.

We must get radical about our focus.  We have such limited time here on earth and forever is impacted by our attention to details.

The Scriptures are clear, time will not last forever.  But YOU will!

What we do with our time, then, matters a great deal to our forever.

So (to try to bring this around to practical ideas), what can we do to create radical margin in our lives?

A few thoughts (although clearly not an exhaustive list):

1. Say NO to more things.  I promise: you'll get weird looks and smirks, but it's absolutely worth it and necessary.

2. Put your electronic devices away.  Seriously.  I'm not kidding.  Try it and see how much your brain has to fight to stop worrying about what you're missing.  That ought to be telling enough.

3. Go outside.  In order to "stop and smell the roses", you'll have to go outside.  There is something powerful and necessary to radical margin about being in God's creation and being present with it.  

4. Set your alarm.  One of the keys to radical margin is your calendar.  You have to quite literally schedule time with God.  Set your alarm for 30-60 minutes earlier than you "need" to and give God the first part of your waking hours.

5. Stop making excuses.  Let's just say it like it is.  Most of the time, we are not focused and it's our own darn fault.  You are in charge of your life.  Make it better by committing to radical margin.

What did I miss?  I'd love to hear!

Please find and follow me on Twitter or Facebook (@natejwhitson) and use #radicalmargin to join the conversation and let me know what you think or how we can do this better.


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