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Perspective: It's not just WHAT - but HOW

The 2 Key Questions that we must ask ourselves over and over again are these:

  1. What does God say?
  2. What does God see?

Today, we want to focus (no pun intended) on what God sees.

As we all know, His view is an elevated view and one that we are desperate to see from.

In Isaiah 55:8-9, we are reminded of His view and how He sees:

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord.  As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.”

God’s ways are higher than our ways.

God’s view is higher than our view.

God’s thoughts are higher than our thoughts.


But we can and we must learn to see like He sees.

Perspective is Everything

When we talk about seeing like God sees we are, in many ways, talking about the issue of ‘perspective’.  But perspective is more than just what you see.  It’s also how you see what you see.

Think about it like this.

We have a balcony in the back of our house.  If I’m looking at my yard from the balcony, it gives me a certain view of it.

But if I were to walk down the balcony to my yard and look at the same section of my yard from a prone position, flat on my stomach, I would be looking at the same yard but from a completely different view.

My perspective will be drastically different.

So if someone were to ask me, ‘What are you looking at?’, I would say, ‘My yard’ whether I was on my balcony or on my belly.

But if they were to follow it up with, ‘What do you see?’ my answers would vary because my perspective was vastly different.


Because perspective is more than just WHAT you see.  It’s also (and as importantly) HOW you see what you see.

God’s Perspective On Money

In terms of money, riches, financial matters, and the like, this is an important discussion because we have to see the answers from God’s perspective(s).

To help you do this, think about how you would answer this key question for yourself.

“When it comes to money, what does God see?  What’s His perspective of it?”

Your answers are crucial to your life in so many ways.

Does (in your opinion) God see money as…

  • Evil
  • Necessary, but not as important as other topics
  • A tool to be used for good
  • A test of our hearts
  • All of the above

How did you come to your conclusions or answers?  That, also, is key to understand and leads us back to our other key question:

What does God say about money?

If you want to know God’s perspective on an issue, you have to go to the source - His Word - and study it.  From that starting point, we can then begin to see what He sees.  We can view it from His perspective.

In the end, this is mission critical to us because our perspectives drive our actions more than we realize.  If we see money from the wrong point of view, it will distort our handling of it.  Conversely, when we see it like God sees it, it can change everything:

More Impact

More Options

More Margin

So here’s my challenge to you today:

Discover what God sees when He sees money.  What is His perspective? 

Then, ask yourself and answer honestly: 

Do I see money like God sees money?


“When we see as God sees, we are more inclined to do what God says.” - Andy Stanley

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